The seaside. A human shape is climbing the rocks of a small cliff. Upon reaching the top it turns towards the sea that throws itself on the rocks, and addresses it as if a pagan ritual, an exotic summoning is taking place.

If you were an angel of the earth, if you were a star of dawn, a blond moon, in the blue depths of the sky’s treasure, a pearl

I wouldn’t expect you to come nor leave amidst this celebration’s lights

Before I touch you and everything I loved inside the minds paths is lost

You are the path that has carved my life; you are the angel trying to guard me, your beauty can’t be measured in gold

Untie your bonds and let me come for a while and see how your white foam outlines your shape

Show your beauty to me, to guide me and protect me, all the nights I couldn’t sleep, the day’s light I couldn’t see, there is only destruction in my mind, I see the beauty steadily consumed by mans will

I keep waiting for you, for you my angel I live and breathe

Show yourself and your will placed upon me, I can’t do this alone.

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The human rises its hands, the waters stir, the foam of the waves comes back and forth to create a watery beautiful face, sank in the bottom of the water, its mouth not moving but none the less, the thoughts are formed louder than sound in the air around the rocky cliff. A soft bitter sweet melody hangs in the air like wind chimes…

One day came to the village a spider woman, and everyone run to see her.

Someone threw her bread, others rocks, to save themselves from the ugliness

But a child gave her a red flower, and asked her to sing.

And she said:  never tell them how ugly they look, the ones who are disgusted but still stand and look

And she said: never stare the others into the eyes because you become a mirror and everyone breaks you into pieces.

One day came to the village a wounded angel, brought in a cage. And the people booked a ticket bewildered, to see his beauty.

And a child, blond and beautiful angel, asked her to sing

And she said: if you want to be saved from your beauty, take sword and axe, and cut down your wings,

And she said: never stare the others into the eyes because you become a mirror and everyone breaks you into pieces.

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Then the waves of the sea faltered back, and the face disappeared into the depths…the human thought of the meaning of the song for a while, and then answered back in song.

Angel I hear you

Speak, I listen,

Stay by my side

Guide me…

Angel my soul was weak

Forgive me

Enter at last, master

Grand to me your glory

Angel, hide no longer

Come to me strange angel


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As the figure speaks the last words, the waters of the sea stir and swirl once again, this time revealing a pool made of foam and blue…the sound comes filling the air once again, the pool describing scenes, and the air electrified as if by anger.

There was an old man, son of the dawn; he hated the darkness, slept on the ground

A rightful Zeus at youth, fate’s king; the waves of the sea didn’t frighten him.

His raging youthfulness made him a leader; he made his enemy run like a rabbit

I gave him palaces, gifted him riches; a young princess to marry.

One day that was heavily raining he gazed to the east,

And saw an old man coming stooped; his eyes were filled with fire, the looks of a hunter

“Be careful” he said “don’t lose your logic, and the gold you think you will hold in your hands.  Toil and value, to obtain it, needs a wise tune to sing as well”

“Who are you, and what do you want” the prince asked

” I have all the riches in the world, why do I need those?”

“I am your fears” the old man’s voice said “and I will curse you for an endless life”

There after the prince never smiled again, and the children he touched died very young; he grew old alone in the empty palace, since fate had taken from him life’s salt.


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The human’s face grew pale and weak as he heard what was asked of him to do; arms down, the human thought for a while before answering back with a soft, almost inaudible voice, betraying fear and awe.

You lead me
I do need redemption
whenever I don’t know

I feed you balance
we will not rest
until the search ends

I bleed for you
I voluntarily give myself

I need my frailty
Oh so soon
I will unfold

I bleed for you
I voluntarily give myself

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The sea gathers in one piece…A spiral of waves and foam rise up from the cliff to surround the human…And in the middle of it all a whisper can be heard just under the level of the roaming water’s noise…

The Grim Reaper has set out in my neighborhood

And from thinking too long he lost count

And from a low door, a dark yard

The blacksmith peeped out and told him words of joy

The Grim Reaper has set out and reaped a neighborhood

And the sky turned black, whirlwind and smoke

And from a low door, a dark yard

The blacksmith peeped out and told him words of joy

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Tears come on the human’s face as the knowledge of the task, weighs onto the human’s soul…the waves around still swirl like a tornado, the human in the middle of it, a faint sign of laughter in the air..

I will always be here, the bullet in your gun, to kill those who kill the day

With the dark glasses and the white dress; looking away the fire in the harbor

I know someone who says he knows you, that you had seen a crazy summer

in the missing fragment of the broken mirror, in the fire of the harbor

the sun setting again…

Red clouds in the sky and you are laughing…

Laughing as the ship approaches like a monster

And you tell me, remember don’t throw your life to the dogs

Remember; let your life flow like a movie.

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The water now subsides, and as the human figure walks away, the sea slowly flows back to the bottom of the cliff to lick the rocks again with a strange malice, singing softly to herself as if lulling a baby…

Light taking the sight, the space in your dreams, and the waters of the river pulling you away

Whatever you dreamed of leaving away from you, stretching your hands but they fall heavy

Everything you swore to me, everything you promised, but now my absence makes you forget

Tie well your magic moments onto silk, and light the sky, figure of loneliness

Without any breath, without any look, only with my dreams, the winds that I constantly chase hone me

They who define me, they who discard me, they who throw me to the wall, to the void

Body that tears in two on the rocks of invisibility,

Blurry memories and a sweet sorrow of oblivion

In the solitude’s red from blood spout, that jumps up like light that shines the land

You forgot your magical dreaming in the moonlight, and it’s late, time to sleep,

With someone that your magical hug doesn’t fit, you will share the hours that we spend together

But I ache for you and silently suffer, in case the eyes I love secretly cry

What if you sold me cheaply one night and I know of it, I bring you here every moment, looking at the waters

You dance with your memories, fly with your dreams, ancient drama’s dance you throw off in the public

Throw away your cloth naked touch your joy, shine only momentarily and live just for once.

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