This project is mainly a research into the cultural mireprepsentation of objects and the belief systems which create them. It is also about the westernistation of cultures and the assimilation of those symbols-objects-artifacts which, through the course of time and for varius reasons, change their meaning.

The installation was consisted of a dream catcher shaped in a fived edged star, with little totem-animal shaped pieces of paper hanging down from the dream catcher’s feathers. The dream catcher it self was hanging over a knited owl hat, stuffed with more totem-animal shaped pieces of paper. It is said that dream catchers when hang ontop of a bed, prevent the person sleeping on that bed from seing nightmares.

The dream catcher stands as a symbol of the cicle of life. Its origins come from an American Indian myth, saying that the Trickster (a mythical figure) appeared to a shamman in the form of a spider, explaining the circular function of the world, while kniting a dreamcatcher. But while traditional dream catchers are circular, this particular one is star shaped to relate the circle of life witht he history of representation-recirculation of symbols with often very different meanings. The five edged star was at ancient times the symbol of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. During mainly the inquisition times, it changed to the symbol of evil, along with many other symbols of the old religions, in order to lead people away from them.

The owl shaped knitted hat represents a sleeping person’s head. The owl itself is a contradiction; for the anctient Greeks it meant wisdom, but for the American Indians it meant exactly the opposite. The totem animal shaped pieces of paper when put together like a puzzle form several stories of dreams and thoughts i had at the time. They glide down the dream catcher into the stuffed hat in order to give a visual representation of people’s thoughts, dreams and feelings.

In conclusion, the instalation as a whole could be read as humanity’s thoughts, hopes and fears through the course of time, translated into symbols.