Ways of Seeing 2

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Mixed media

This project is about how we see the world.  The simplest answer is: we see it through our eyes; but what we don’t usually understand, is that we also see it through our beliefs.

The hat and the skull were my choices to represent this, for various reasons. Quite often, they can be seen as fetishes (another paragon of influence for us). Hats have an important history of how we represent ourselves (in many societies and professions, the hat is an indicator of the position of the owner, i.e. A chef is recognized by the white hat; judges used to wear wigs; etc.). Inside the hat and on the skull there can be found various symbols; they can be taken as representatives of various beliefs (and subsequently, memories and experiences).

When a person wears the hat, they will see the world quite literally, through all those beliefs. That, might help think about how strangely our way of thinking can appear to others. Once we start thinking about that, it is only a matter of time before we start questioning what is reality; what is the adjective way to see the world, and how is it defined; Once we understand that the world depends (perhaps not wholly, but quite a big part of it) on our point of view, then there are very few things that can stop us from achieving whatever we want to (even maybe happiness?).