In this project my intentions were to interpret time both literally (with the materials, or equipment used) and theoretically (as the “object” or theme that was researched)
I started with using a camera, an object often believed to “capture” the moment, to take photographs of various places within the duration of one day. Sometimes I took photos of the same place at different times of the day, and sometimes I was just discovering, or experimenting with the effects of the light on that particular time of the day.
Observing the way the light was changing the environment through the course of time, I started wondering about the effects that time has on humans. Wanting to find a way to interpret this, I remembered of a poem I had read, the Moonlight Sonata by Yannis Ritsos. It is mainly about the impact time and its consequences (such as aging and loosing loved ones) have on the protagonist, the woman in black. Filled with symbolic images, it seemed to me that the poem could be transformed into series of stills that when put in order formed a film. Driven from that impulse, this video is based on a part of the poem, where the woman in black is imagining herself freed from the boundaries of her body, and is flying away from the things that are troubling her.


We’ll sit for a while on the low wall, up on the hill,
and as the spring breeze blows around us
perhaps we’ll even imagine that we are flying,
because, often, and now especially, I hear the sound of my own dress
like the sound of two powerful wings opening and closing,
and when you enclose yourself within the sound of that flight
you feel the tight mesh of your throat, your ribs, your flesh,
and thus constricted amid the muscles of the azure air,
amid the strong nerves of the heavens,
it makes no difference whether you go or return
and it makes no difference that my hair has turned white
(that is not my sorrow – my sorrow is
that my heart too does not turn white).