Marina Marlagkoutsou is always interested in the connection between science and art. Her projects so far have been to the purpose of rediscovering one’s self, extending the research into the environment- surroundings society, or even starting from it. The elements of psychology, especially personal and self reflection is evident throughout, however she is not interested into just researching her own personality, rather, through her personality, and the research she has done, she would like to invite the viewer to adjust, modify, and personalize the research and outcome to create their own situation. Consider taking the projects as  starting points towards self reflection. Through understanding comes the power to change and improve.

Her influences are various, from Joseph Beuys to Ai Wei Wei. Her projects always reflect her belief in the artist as a healer, a psychologist and a shaman, and in the ability of art to heal the world and help forge a healthy and evolving society. She firmly believes in the role of art within society and that it should exist for the betterment of the people.

Currently she is working with glass paints and various reflective surfaces, toying between the ideas of beautification in the every day object, and seing one’s self into those reflective surfaces. Those commonly found object’s statement can be twofold: to bring beauty to the everyday, and to raise awareness of art’s importance for a good quality of living.